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Doing my part

My 3D printer is getting some miles in spitting out some of the n95 masks for a local hospital and ambulance crew. Nothing special, but it feels good to be helping out.

Cool Stuff • March 26, 2020

It’s alive

It took a while, but I finally finished putting the Prusa together. Now for the long process of getting it dialed in.

Cool Stuff • February 29, 2020

Getting There

It’s starting to look like a 3D Printer. I’m impressed with the precision on all the parts. I still have a good evening or two worth of work on it.

Cool Stuff • February 28, 2020


My new Prusa 3D printer arrived. It’s not pre-assembled at all. The assembly manual is a couple hundred pages long, so it’s not a 10 minute job. Luckily they included Gummy Bears, the end of each chapter tells you how many gummy bears to eat so that you don’t run out before the project is finished. The instructions are fairly adamant that you follow their bear consumption guidelines.

Cool Stuff • February 24, 2020

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