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Why a Blog?

I feel like going through my thought process on why I’m writing a blog is important.

Sharing content on the Internet is a good thing for people to do. Especially in these after times. Personally, it gives me an outlet to say the things that I don’t get to talk to people about on a daily basis since I work from home. Also writing daily is a good practice to be in. Seth Godin has talked about this many times; here’s a blog post by someone else that collects several of his quotes.

So, that maybe begs the question, why am I sharing everything on this blog instead of Facebook or some other Social Media network. What it really comes down to is that I own this blog. Any content I put on here is owned by me. It’s sitting on a server that I operate. When you post something to Facebook, then you are beholden to their rules and they only show your content to the people they think will want to see it. And they can remove it anytime they want. (feel free to replace Facebook with your Social Media platform of choice)

Also, for any service that you are using online, if you’re not paying for it, then you are not the customer, you are the product. Facebook is profiting from your attention. They make money from the ads that you see, and they only show content to you that they think will make you keep coming back so that you can see more ads.

Of course, you probably got here from one of those Social Media sites, because I share my blog posts to Facebook and Twitter as no one regularly checks blogs anymore.

Blog Meta • January 22, 2022