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Menu Bar

It took longer than it really should have, but I finally got the menu bar on this site how I want it. I ripped out all of the code that I got from the internet and really worked on building it from the ground up. 100% my code.

With this done, I’ll stop monkeying with the functionality/design of this site for now.

Blog Meta • March 4, 2020

New Look

I know I’m blogging about blogging which is a bit of a cardinal blog sin. I’m going to blow the dust off of this site and see if I can’t get it going. I should say, see if I can build up a habit of posting on here more. I’m going to go for frequent short posts. We’ll see if I can make that happen.

This here site has a bit of a new theme. I wanted do a deep dive on WordPress development and create a theme from scratch. I know it looks really simple, but that’s the style I was going for. This project is the first time I used SASS, so that’s fun. I also really got a better appreciation for how WordPress works on the backend. I’m not sure that I’ll be doing a theme from scratch on every client project going forward, but there will definitely be cases where it makes sense.

Blog Meta • February 23, 2020

Hello world!

Spinning up a new website here. The old was was just sort of done, so it’s time for a refresh. Here I’ll keep information on the apps that I have developed and am developing.

Blog Meta • March 25, 2019