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2(ish) Years Later

and we’re back.

I’ve been thinking a bit about it over the last couple of weeks, and I want to build a habit of daily posting. Starting now. Each post will have a specific topic, and for the most part, they won’t just be updates of what’s going on in my life. It’s more going to be my thoughts on specific things. I’ll talk about technology, media that I’ve consumed or I’m excited about (movies, books, video games), and projects that I’m working on.

The plan is to write posts a day ahead and have them published at midnight. I’m not really planning on working ahead because I want to make sure that I get something in each day. I’m also going to keep things fairly short. I’m not looking to have a specific word goal. I just want to build the practice of sitting down to write a little each day.

See you tomorrow.

Blog Meta • January 9, 2022