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Retrospective: The Amazing Spider-Man

I watched The Amazing Spider-Man with my son tonight. The one from 2012 with Andrew Garfield in it. This movie is a lot better than I remember. I didn’t remember much about the movie, I think I only saw it one time when it was in Theaters. If I remember right, I was pretty salty at the time that Sony was making their own Spider-Man movies that weren’t involved in the MCU, and I really wanted them to just sell Spider-Man back to Marvel.

I guess since the second ASM movie flopped and Sony started working with Marvel, and I got what I want, I was able to go back and watch this without the salt. I found this to be a solid film. It had a solid cast all around. I always enjoy finding Dennis Leary in movies where I don’t expect him.

If you’re like me and you wrote this movie off when it was new, maybe give it another chance. You might enjoy it more than you think.

Movies and Television • January 16, 2022