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Plague Notes April 14 2020

Image from Sunday

Just finished having a long 4 day weekend in a world where weekends and weekdays just sort of blur together. We did get snow on Easter Sunday. I joked that even nature is getting confused and thought it was Christmas.

A story I heard on a podcast that I’m paraphrasing:

Two men were having an argument. They approached a 3rd person and said “Excuse me, but can you help us settle an argument? What day is it?”

The 3rd person said “Friday”

The first said, “Friday! Son of a bitch. We were both wrong.”

Outside of the normal Easter activities, I spent the weekend building a lofted bed for my son. It’s nearly identical to the one that his sister got a couple years ago. Kept me busy for a little while anyway. Fortunately the lumber yard delivers.

Not much scheduled for the week going forward. I started a Freelancer’s Workshop through Seth Godin’s Akimbo Workshops last week. It’s been a good ride so far. It’s been making me dig deeper into being a better web developer and get better clients. This way the kids and I are all doing “school” at the same time.

Status Update • April 14, 2020