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Kimi: My thoughts

I watched Kimi the other week on a flight coming back from California. It’s a thriller starring Zoë Kravitz. Overall, I would say it’s an okay movie. There are a couple of things in the plot, especially toward the end that kind of irritated me.

What’s really interesting about it is that it solidly takes place in mid-stage pandemic. The entire film was produced in 2021. You have characters who aren’t leaving their homes, and others who are back to working in offices. Zoë Kravitz’s character is working from home reviewing voice assistant (the titular Kimi) recordings to help it be more accurate. It’s a reflection of today’s world.

Spoilers ahead:
What really irritated me about it, is that at the end of the movie Zoë Kravitz’s character turns and coldly kills the people invading her home. She seemed very detached from what she was doing. Then, after a bit of a flash-forward, you see that much of her struggle with going outside is gone. That struggle stemmed more from previous sexual assault than the pandemic, and it’s implied that what she really needed to solve her mental health issues was to kill some bad guys.

Kimi is available to stream on HBO-Max.

Movies and Television • March 6, 2022