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It’s a bit of a weird time. The kids are out of school for 3 weeks. The neighbor girl is watching them while I get some work done. I no longer have my own office outside of the home, so I’m camping in the empty Yoga studio to get some work done when I might have gone to the Library or something before. (Yoga class isn’t cancelled for now, it’s just not until this evening).

Since my work often has me in other people’s offices fixing their computers, I’m not sure how these next several weeks are going to play out. I’m honestly not sure at this point that we will go back to the old normal, I’m just waiting to see what the new normal is. I will probably try to get a lot more done remotely than I did before. I’ve always thought that my clients appreciated me seeing them in person and helping them instead of doing everything remotely. The downside of that is of course, keyboards are never clean.

Status Update • March 16, 2020